Technical Assistance

BBA has created efficient approaches to evaluate business needs and quickly identify how to fill these gaps for small businesses, especially with resources within BBA or throughout Connecticut. BBA uses this intel so small businesses can be packaged (and polished) to get funding into their business.

BBA will conduct an assessment and use a systematic process for determining a business’ needs. BBA technical counselors have extensive financial and business acumen (over 30 years) to close these gaps quickly . BBA understands that many business owners are great at their craft or trade, but sometimes haven’t had the chance to learn financial statements or other administrative skills that are usually needed to seek funding from lending institutions.

BBA takes away obstacles to capital that require technical assistance through the funding application process.

Our counselors help applicants with technical needs like:

  • Financial Statements. This includes balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statements.
  • Business Plan. Develop the full plan that will include a company’s executive summary, product or service description, the full business model including marketing and sales, and financials that will show revenues, expenses and cash flows.
  • Resume Writing. Articulate professional experience / history of business owner.
  • Usages of Funds. Identify how incoming capital funding will be used and spread across your company.
  • Cash Projections. Assemble financial forecasts and outlays that shows incoming revenues and most importantly, demonstrate the company’s ability to pay back business loans