Outreach and Training


BBA uses community engagement forums throughout the state to train, educate and bring awareness.  BBA focus groups will address the highest priorities within the minority community.  As well, BBA will use these community platforms to educate business owners about resources at their disposal to be utilized for the success of their business.


It is important for businesses to understand their market, industry and business.  Organizations must keep up with new regulations or trends. Business owners have to constantly update their skill sets. As part of this service, BBA offers business workshops and training including:

  • Starting your businesses
  • Business plan writing
  • Customer retention and customer service training
  • Business seminars concentrated specifically around sustaining your business

Through our services, BBA targets to

  • Increase awareness within minority businesses of resources available to assist them in their growth plans .
  • Strengthen business and entrepreneurial acumen of business owners so they can sustain their business models and financial influence within the community
  • Follow up assessments to measure success and sustainability of these improvements.