Funding Superhighway

Because you need capital to grow your business!

A free 12-week Black Money Mindset, Financial Literacy & Mentoring Program with access to a pool of vetted funding partners.

The Funding Superhighway is currently a New Haven area pilot program…and is offered by invitation only.

Who is this the Funding Superhighway for? This program is for you, if you are…

  • A growth stage business with Black or Brown ownership in the greater New Haven area.
  • An established business, with existing clientele and a market for your product or service.
  • You are looking for way to expand and finance that expansion.
  • You are trying to understand the financial end of the business and what financial services/products are available to you.
  • You are ready to invest your time and resources to take your business to the next level!

Program benefits include…

  • A deep dive into the mindset necessary to attract and maintain wealth.
  • A community of entrepreneurs to enhance brainstorming, creativity and problem solving.
  • A network of skilled and professional expert mentors and facilitators.
  • Leadership development – by working in groups we are developing not just successful entrepreneurs but also community leaders.
  • A flexible, practical, and creative learning environment that suits your busy schedule with virtual classes and an in-person retreat.
  • Real-time and real-world problem resolution to assist with developing funding-ready loan or pitch presentation materials.

This program is made possible by…

In partnership with…

Our funding partners include: