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In the US, the minority groups have to some extent not been enjoying the business world due to some reasons. One of the challenges they have been facing is the access to capital to start or expand businesses. However, as of now, there are some minority business loans and resources to help bridge the gap of finance. Check out this article to know the types of loans for minority-owned businesses that can apply to get a quick loan.

There are many different types of set-asides and associated options. So much so, most business owners can be confused when choosing from these set-asides. Read this article to see different considerations and questions posed about these programs that may help to clarify how to think about them.

One of the most common mistakes for new businesses is creating a solution before identifying the problem. Like how BBA onboards or works with new business in the community, it is important to first conduct a business assessment analysis, using a systematic process that identify the gaps between current and desired business outcomes to understand what the problem statement is. Check out this article to learn more about this strategy for new companies.