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The Black Business Alliance has received a $100,000 federal grant to expand financial literacy training and loan application support for black-owned companies across Connecticut.

Anne-Marie Knight, the executive director of the Black Business Alliance, said the funding is a good start to support their needs.

 Black Business Alliance Awarded $100,000 Federal Grant
At the Connecticut Post Mall in Milford, Tuesday was a big day for the Black Business Alliance (BBA) as the organization received a major donation that they say is going to do a lot of good throughout the state.

During a ceremony that took place Tuesday morning, Sen. Richard Blumenthal announced a $100,000 federal grant was being awarded to the BBA to fund their ‘Black Business Funding Superhighway’ - a program that supports Black-owned businesses through financial literacy training, loan application support, and networking opportunities.

A middle-aged woman with glasses poked her head into a not-yet-opened store at the Connecticut Post mall in Milford as three women inside worked to prepare the enterprise.

“Hi, I just wanted to wish you well,” she said. They thanked her and went back to their work.

It was a fleeting moment like you’d see ahead of any store opening, except this was not any store and the greeting took on extra meaning.