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A man became famous on Facebook because he knitted away the time during his commute on the NYC subway train. His name is Louis Boria. He launched his own company, Brooklyn Knits, in 2009 and told Yahoo News that this company is his side hustle. Now in 2018, Louis has spun his side hustle into an entrepreneurial success and now has a thriving full-time business. Check out this article and find out how passion and the power of social media can make your business goals a success.

A recent post that became very popular on social media was a man spotted on the NYC subway train knitting away the time during his commute. It truly was the photo that shot around the world. The photo, posted by Louis Boria in response to a Facebook post by former American Idol contestant Frenchie Davisin late November 2017 catapulted Boria and his knitting skills into the spotlight.  After friends spotted the post online they happily shared Louis’ name and business information, Brooklyn Boy Knits, and it took on a life of its own.

Although this is not Boria’s main job, the side hustle was born out of a literal dream he had one night that was so vivid it woke him from his sleep.  He says he awakened with his arms outstretched with hands fingering imaginary knitting needles in the empty air. He had never knitted before but took it as a sign and got about the business of learning how to knit.  He used his two hour a day commute to hone his craft at first and now to create the wears he sells on his site.  His sign turned into a passion, which he’s devoted countless hours to learning and creating.

Boria launched Brooklyn Boy Knits in 2009 and told Yahoo News he’s not used to all the attention and also says he’s not one for self-promotion but does offer his knit-wear freely at times, giving out three scarves a day to the homeless during winter.  The Daily News reported that Boria admits he’s a quick knitter but for the first time in 10 years he has pending orders.  With himself as the sole knitter for the business Boria hopes that the uptick in business will allow him to revamp his website, hire two additional knitters and spin his side hustle into a full-time business.

Have you experienced instant opportunity because of a random post?  If you did have a viral post for your business what things would need to be in place for you to handle the increased business?  Are you ready?

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