Grant Opportunites

The Jane Walker IFW First Women Grant Program will be funding an additional 15 groundbreaking women-owned businesses through the end of the year. Together with a network of powerful icons, businesses will be selected across Entertainment & Film, Music, Sports, Journalism, STEM, and Hospitality, all on their journey towards a monumental first. Each recipient will receive a $10,000 grant plus a one-year IFundWomen Annual Coaching Membership. Learn more here.

WomensNet gives away at least $10,000 every month to Women-Owned businesses. Whether you’re starting or growing a business, WomensNet can help! Hurry! The application cutoff for the next $10,000 Amber Grant is June 30, 2021. Apply here


Stay's Rise ProjectThe Stacy’s Rise Project™ supports small businesses through funding, mentorship and community. Click here for more information.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is proud to recognize the very best in American small business. The annual Dream Big Awards program honors the achievements of small businesses and highlights their contributions to America’s economic growth. Apply Here For A Chance to Win $25,000.

Every month, Emma Johnson gives out $500 cash to one single mom, no strings attached. The 2021 Kickass Single Mom Stimulus Grant has one goal: Give a hand to single moms struggling with money, health, stress, child care, illness, and loneliness. Qualifications are simple: 1. You’re a single mom. 2. You need the money right now. Click here to learn more

Comcast RISE, a multi-year commitment to provide marketing, creative, media, and technology services to small businesses owned by people of color. Apply here today. The deadline for your small business application is July 31, 2021. Additional recipients will be chosen quarterly

America’s Seed Fund powered by NSF has helped startups and small businesses transform their ideas into marketable products and services. For more information and to apply, click here.

Start Garden created The 100 as a no-strings-attached way to fund people to take a shot at new endeavors each year. It's a community-wide investment in the businesses and organizations of tomorrow. Until July 26, anyone can submit a 100-second pitch from anywhere, in any language. On August 3, we will announce The 100 that have been submitted to the website to receive $1,000 each. Click here for more information.