Community Engagement

BBA is driven to transform the mindset of minority communities.  As the members are the organization’s top priority, BBA seeks to EMPOWER, GUIDE, PROMOTE, ENHANCE, COLLABORATE and GROW small and medium-sized black and minority businesses throughout Connecticut and nationally by addressing the gaps in business access to funding, educational resources and statewide capacity building. 

To do this, BBA’s goal is to penetrate deeply into the communities. BBA will focus on  cornerstone areas of focus: Trust, Customer, Quality, and Eco-system Commerce. These topics of concentration will address highest priorities within Black Community:

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  • • Reevaluating the trust in our Black economic system
  • • The State of Trust in our Black businesses
Customer Service
  • • Business develop their consumer and service base models
  • • Quality of product
  • • The optics – Presentation of your business establishment
Eco-system Commerce – the Path for Economic Equality and Empowerment
  • • Hire other black people
  • • Entrepreneurship
  • • Education and Training
  • • Giving back to organizations that support the Black community